Exploring America State by State

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Where My Journey Started

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The Ghost Town in the Desert

Gamblers come from far and wide to try their luck at the casinos in Las Vegas and hope they win big playing the slots or black jack. Long before the casinos made Las Vegas into the gambling capital of America, prospectors traveled to Nevada hoping they would strike it rich finding gold or silver in

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The Grand Victorian Octagon House

North of Yonkers near the town of Irvington New York is one of the most unique Victorian houses. The octagon house with a domed roof is known as the Amour Stiner House and it was constructed in 1859 by Paul J. Armour.  The original octagon two-story house was inspired by Orson Squire Fowler, the author

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Athens Of The South

After my recent visit to Nashville, I told people I stopped and saw the Parthenon and they responded with ” The Parthenon is in Nashville?, I thought it was is in Greece.” No there actually is a Parthenon in Nashville. It is a replica of the one in Greece. It was built for the Tennessee

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The Axe Murder Shack In the Florida Swamp

Deep in the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve in central Florida between Tampa and Orlando Is the dilapidated remains of an old shack. A nearby make-shift cemetery and headstone is evidence of a tragedy that occurred here. Hand carved in the tombstone is RIP 1917 Mr + Mrs Stewart. It is unclear how the Stewarts came

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Getting Lost and Finding America

  I have been exploring my home state of Michigan for almost 10 years and sharing my stories at www.LostinMichigan.net.  I still have more to see in the Great Lakes State but I figure it is time for me to start exploring beyond the two peninsulas and see what I can discover in the the

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