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Where My Journey Started

My Latest Book

Lost In Indiana Book

I am proud to announce that my new book Lost In Indiana is now available on Amazon HERE. Lost In Indiana is not your average travel book and more than just a list of places to visit. Mike Sonnenberg (Author of Lost In Michigan) tells stories of strange and historic locations in the Hoosier State

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Lost In Illinois

I am happy to announce my latest book Lost In Illinois has been published on Amazon HERE. I traveled all over the “Land of Lincoln” exploring small towns, large cities, back roads and farmland. I did about 4000 miles this summer visiting strange and historic places including cemeteries, parks and historic sites. I like to

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The Jeepers Creepers School

South of Coldwater, Michigan near the Ohio border, stands an old abandoned school built in 1908. I would like to be able to tell you the story of one of its pupils that went on to do something inspiring, but unfortunately, I do not know of such a story. I only know the tragic and

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The Cross Florida Barge Canal

A section of Highway 301 runs between Ocala and Belleview Florida. There is a spot where the highway has a large median and a sheriff’s office and behind it is a park called “The Island”. Massive concrete structures stand towering among the trees. They look like something from an ancient civilization but in fact they

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The Carlin House

There are several beautiful historic homes that stand along Main Street in Fostoria, Ohio. This massive brick Victorian Gothic style house with the tower on the front of it stands out among the rest of the homes. It was built in 1885 by William L. Carlin who was the grandson of one of the original

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The Water Tower Jail

I have seen a lot of water towers in my travels but the one in Walterboro, South Carolina is one of the most unique and strangest I a have seen. Constructed in 1915 it is made from concrete and stands 133 feet tall. It holds 100 thousand gallons of water a the top. At the

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Whispers Estate

North of downtown Mitchell, Indiana on a block of modest homes is a rather unassuming two-story house. It has a wrought iron fence and a pair of stone angel statues in front of it. Looking at it from the outside, you would assume it was just another ordinary Midwestern home. Inside, the owner claims strange

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Defending A Piece of Paper

More than two centuries ago a ragtag army fought the most powerful empire in the world. It was an impossible endeavor and the king thought they were destined to fail. The desire for freedom from the British Monarchy could not be defeated. Shortly after their victory from oppression, the founding fathers wrote on a piece

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The Mansion in Joliet

Across the tracks from the Joliet Slammers baseball stadium is this grand stately Mansion. It was built in 1873. by wealthy railroad magnate, Jacob A. Henry. The three-story, red brick Second Empire/Italian Renaissance style structure is built on Joliet limestone. The front and side porch roofs are made with single slabs of limestone. Henry hired

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Mountain Mamma’s Grist Mill

There is a saying among photographer that goes ” If you want better looking pictures, then stand in front of interesting stuff” There are few places that I have enjoyed standing in front of than the Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State park in West Virginia. The mill looks centuries old but it was

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The Axe Murder Shack In the Florida Swamp

Deep in the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve in central Florida between Tampa and Orlando Is the dilapidated remains of an old shack. A nearby make-shift cemetery and headstone is evidence of a tragedy that occurred here. Hand carved in the tombstone is RIP 1917 Mr + Mrs Stewart. It is unclear how the Stewarts came

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