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Where My Journey Started

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Lost In Indiana Book

I am proud to announce that my new book Lost In Indiana is now available on Amazon HERE. Lost In Indiana is not your average travel book and more than just a list of places to visit. Mike Sonnenberg (Author of Lost In Michigan) tells stories of strange and historic locations in the Hoosier State

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Lost In Ohio Book Now Available

My new book Lost In Ohio: Discovering Strange and Historic Places in the Buckeye State is now available on Amazon HERE I have been working on it over the summer and I am excited that it has finally been published. I drove almost 2000 miles around Ohio visiting unique and interesting places that are not

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The Tower Tree

Indiana has several historic and beautiful county courthouses. The old courthouse in Greensburg is notable not only for its architecture, but also the tree growing out of the top of its tower. The current Decatur County Courthouse was completed in 1861. About ten years later, people began noticing some branches sticking out of the roof

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The Smallest Military Cemetery

Most people can envision the rows and rows of headstones of brave veterans laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Michigan is also home to a few large national cemeteries like the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly or Fort Custer National Cemetery near Battle Creek. On a hill overlooking Camp Grayling in northern Michigan

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The Ace of Aces

The small town of Poplar, Wisconsin sits in the northwestern corner of the state along US-2. It is there you will find a small memorial for Richard “Dick” Ira Bong at a roadside park. Bong was born September 24, 1920 and grew up on his families farm. He attended school in Poplar and went on

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The Cemetery in the Farm Field

In a farm field northwest of Kenton, Ohio is a small military cemetery with sixteen tombstones. They mark the final resting place of soldiers stationed at Fort McArthur. Shortly before the start of the War of 1812, American General William Hull needed troops to fight the British in the Detroit area of Michigan. As soldiers

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The Beginning of Mother’s Day

Reiger park is located in Albion, Michigan along the north branch of the Kalamazoo River. In the park stands a Michigan historical marker telling the story of the first Mother’s Day in Michigan. The marker reads: On May 13, 1877, the second Sunday of the month, Juliet Calhoun Blakeley stepped into the pulpit of the

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Abraham’s Mother

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky on his family farm, but due to land title challenges, his father lost everything he had worked for. In 1816, when Abraham was age seven, his family moved to southern Indiana, settling at the Little Pigeon Creek Community west of present day Santa Claus, Indiana. It is here that

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The Wizard Of Oz Casatle

Standing near the shoreline of Lake Michigan, south of Holland, is an old brick castle.  The castle was built in 1894 by German Immigrant and Chicago businessman Michael Schwarz.  The family with their six daughters lived in the castle for about a year but then moved to Holland and left the old castle abandoned. In 1896,

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The Teacher vs. the Tornado

The small town of White Hall stands southwest of Springfield in rural Illinois. It is there you will find Whiteside Park and a stone monument. Carved out of the top is a woman with her arms around a young boy and girl. At first glance you might think it was a carving of a mother

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The Grave in the Middle of the Road

I have seen a lot of cemeteries and gravesites but this one in Indiana is definately strange.  County Road 400 travels east and west near Franklin, Indiana. Just east of where it crosses the Sugar Creek is a concrete median with a marker surrounded by coins and flowers. The marker denotes the gravesite of Nancy

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Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum in Duluth

a concrete structure is located in the waters of Lake Superior just off the shoreline of Duluth’s Canal Park. Some stories and legends claim it was a bunker or Ice House and some even claim that it was used as a casino during Prohibition. It is known as “the cribs” or “the icebox.” or  Uncle

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