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Where My Journey Started

My Latest Book

Lost In Illinois

I am happy to announce my latest book Lost In Illinois has been published on Amazon HERE. I traveled all over the “Land of Lincoln” exploring small towns, large cities, back roads and farmland. I did about 4000 miles this summer visiting strange and historic places including cemeteries, parks and historic sites. I like to

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Lost In Indiana Book

I am proud to announce that my new book Lost In Indiana is now available on Amazon HERE. Lost In Indiana is not your average travel book and more than just a list of places to visit. Mike Sonnenberg (Author of Lost In Michigan) tells stories of strange and historic locations in the Hoosier State

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Fort King

A couple miles east of downtown Ocala Florida is a wooden fort and blockhouse. It is a replica of Fort King named after Colonel William King, commander of Florida’s Fourth Infantry and the first governor of the provisional West Florida region. The original fort was built in 1827 during United States tensions with the Seminole

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The Old Farmhouse in Door County

I saw this old farmhouse along 42 in Wisconsin’s Door County near Egg Harbor. The stone above the door reads 1904. I really enjoyed traveling around Door County. It is a popular tourist destination in the Dairy State. Among all the gift shops, wineries and tourist spots this old house is what attracted my attention.

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The Log Cabin Chapel

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is located a few miles northwest of Terre Haute. It is the oldest college in Indiana. In 1839, the first bishop of the Diocese of Vincennes in Indiana requested help from his home country of France. He asked for a congregation to assist in teaching the early pioneers of Indiana. Mother Theodore

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The Man On The Cross

The Man on the Cross” by the renowned Michigan sculptor Marshall Fredericks stands in northern Michigan. It is made of bronze 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick. It weighs seven tons, is twenty-eight feet tall from head to toe, and the outstretched arms span twenty-one feet. The figure of Christ is attached by thirteen bolts 30″ long

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A Lighthouse in the Desert

Lighthouses have been used for centuries to guide sailors but they can also be used to guide travelers through the desert. Northwest of Phoenix, Arizona near Wenden are the ruins of an old stage coach stop in the middle of the desert. Charles C. Culling was an Englishman that immigrated to the US in search

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The Haunted Infirmary

South of Winchester, Indiana along US-27 is a large brick building. Above the front door carved in stone are the words RANDOLPH CO. INFIRMARY. It was built in 1899 and served the citizens of Randolph County for over a century. The property started as the county poor farm in 1851, taking care of the mentally

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America’s Smallest Chapel

I have seen many small wayside chapels in my travels but this one in Georgia is said to be the smallest chapel in America.  Christ’s Chapel in Memory Park  sits along US Highway 17 near the bridge over the South Newport River and the town of South Newport.  The little church was constructed in 1949

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The Haunted Michigan Ghost Town of Shelldrake

Whitefish Point sticks out into Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The town of Shelldrake, named after a duck common in the area, is a ghost town at the mouth of the Shelldrake River on Whitefish Point. By the late 1890s, Shelldrake had a sawmill, houses for workers that were equipped with bathrooms, a hospital,

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The Clifton Mill

In the heart of the Miami Valley in Ohio is the small town of Clifton. It is mostly known for the historic mill powered by the Little Miami River. Along with the mill, the town has many other old buildings and an interesting history. The river flowing for eons has cut through the earth, making

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The Kansas City Castle

Standing proudly in Kansas City, Kansas, Sauer Castle isn’t your typical Midwestern abode. This Italianate masterpiece, built between 1871 and 1873, boasts a rich history and architectural grandeur. Designed by renowned architect Asa Beebe Cross for Austrian immigrant Anton Sauer, the castle was a symbol of his success and love for his wife, Francesca. They

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