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Where My Journey Started

My Latest Book

Lost In Illinois

I am happy to announce my latest book Lost In Illinois has been published on Amazon HERE. I traveled all over the “Land of Lincoln” exploring small towns, large cities, back roads and farmland. I did about 4000 miles this summer visiting strange and historic places including cemeteries, parks and historic sites. I like to

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Lost In Indiana Book

I am proud to announce that my new book Lost In Indiana is now available on Amazon HERE. Lost In Indiana is not your average travel book and more than just a list of places to visit. Mike Sonnenberg (Author of Lost In Michigan) tells stories of strange and historic locations in the Hoosier State

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The House of Happy Little Trees

Bob Ross is known for painting “happy little trees” in his landscape paintings of mountains on his television series The Joy Of Painting, which aired on PBS. What most people don’t know is that many of his paintings were created in an historic mansion in Indiana. His first season was recorded in 1983 at a

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The Thompson Mill Covered Bridge

The Thompson Mill Covered Bridge crosses over the Kaskaskia River in Illinois. It was once part of an important route between Springfield and Effingham. The bridge was completed in the autumn of 1868 at a cost of $2,500. It was built in Michigan and shipped to Shelbyville. it was then hauled to the river crossing

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The Worlds Tallest Flagpole

If you are anywhere near the town of Sheboygan, Wisconsin it is hard to miss the giant American Flag waving over the Dairy State. It is located near US-43 at the Acuity Insurance building. It is said to be the worlds tallest flagpole at 400 feet tall. The flag is 70 x 140 feet and

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The Fairbanks house

The Fairbanks house stands in downtown Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island in the northeast corner of Florida. In 1885  attorney, newspaper editor author, and politician George Rainsford Fairbanks built this amazing Italianate style home for his wife and family. It had ten fireplaces, a 15 foot tower and was the first home in Fernandina to

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The Smallest Jail

The small town of Brussels, Illinois is situated between the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers north of St. Louis. The region was first settled in 1822, and about two decades later several German immigrants moved into the area. Next to a bar, is a small building with faded red corrugated metal siding. It looks like it

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The Beginning of Flag Day

A stone schoolhouse stands about a mile northeast of the small Wisconsin town of Waubeka. In front of it is an American flag proudly waving in the breeze. in 1885, the schools 19 year old teacher,  Bernard J. Cigrand promoted June 14, 1885 as a day to honor the nations flag and proudly flew it

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The Black Beetle

The town of Bryan Ohio is located in the northwest corner of the Buckeye state. It has a small train depot that still operates as an Amtrak station. In the parking lot is a historical marker that recalls the fastest train in America. The sixty-seven miles of railroad track from Toledo, Ohio to Butler, Indiana

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Stoney Baynard Plantation Ruins

These ruins stand in the private Sea Pines Community on South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island. They are the remains of the Stoney-Baynard Plantation.  The plantation was built in 1793 by Revolutionary War hero Captain Jack Stoney.  It was 1,885 square feet, built of timber and a mixture of oyster shells, lime, and sand. In 1873 

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Tyrone Sunken Gardens

Stonehenge in England is one of the most well known stone monuments, and it still remains a mystery as to who and why it was built. Michigan has it’s own mysterious stone monument and unlike Stonehenge we know who built it. Behind the Tyrone Memory Gardens Cemetery on White Lake Road, southwest of Fenton, is

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Remembering The Veterans Without Remains

Rock Island National Cemetery was established on the grounds of the U.S. Arsenal located on Rock Island in the Mississippi River near the cities of Davenport, IA, and Moline, IL. In 1863 the area was set aside to bury Union soldiers who died while serving as guards at the large Confederate prison camp established on

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