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Lost In Ohio Book Now Available

My new book Lost In Ohio: Discovering Strange and Historic Places in the Buckeye State is now available on Amazon HERE I have been working on it over the summer and I am excited that it has finally been published. I drove almost 2000 miles around Ohio visiting unique and interesting places that are not

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The Legend of Gore Orphanage

While doing research, I come across many tragic and strange urban legends. Some are wild fictional tales, and others are true stories about horrific events. The legend of Gore Orphanage is a wild tale based on a series of events. The legend goes that Gore Orphanage along the Vermillion River in Northern Ohio burned down,

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The Big Stone Building in Duluth

This massive brown sandstone building stands near downtown Duluth. It was the Central High School and the clock tower has watched over the city since it was constructed in 1892. Classes were no longer held in the historic school after a new central high school was built in 1971. The building is now used as

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Treasure Hunting

I enjoy watching the treasure hunting shows such as The Curse Of Oak Island on TV. I am not sure they will ever find any gold or silver but it is interesting to watch. I am on a epic quest in search of treasure but it is not for fortune or fame. It is a

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The Cross in the Gulf

This simple white cross stands on a mound near the Gulf Of Mexico. It is in Pensacola Beach and marks the site of the first Cristian religious service. On August 14, 1559 a Spanish expedition, consisting of eleven ships under the command of Spanish Conquistador Don Tristan de Luna y Arellano, landed on the shores

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Story Indiana

The town of Story is located in an isolated part of Indiana near the southwestern boundary of Brown County State Park. The charming little town is like a time capsule from days gone by. The rustic old buildings and vintage advertising looks as if it is something from a movie set but it dates back

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The Rocket at the Rest Area

I drove south into Alabama on Interstate 65. I had never been into the Cotton State before and as I was heading down the highway off in the distance I could see a tall white object standing near the roadside. As I got closer I could make out that it was a rocket and it

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Pursuit Of Happiness

I am fortunate and thankful that I am able to travel the United States. It is a wonderful thing that we set aside a day every year to reflect on the things we are thankful for. I wish things were better and I could travel more but I am grateful for the blessings in my

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Ohio’s Mechanical Monster

At one time, a giant monster roamed the hilly forests of southeastern Ohio. It was not Bigfoot or any other living creature but a massive mechanical one. It was built in 1967 to strip mine coal from the region. The largest dragline ever built, it was like an enormous crane that had a massive scooping

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Lost In Ohio Book Winner

Thank you to everyone that posted a comment to enter my Lost In Ohio book Giveaway. it was wonderful to read so many nice and supportive comments. I wish I could send each of you a book but unfortunately I don’t make that much money from my books sales. I want to congratulate Lois Gompers

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Richloam General Store

This old general store stands in the Withlacoochee State Forest east of Ridge Manor. The Richloam General Store once held the post office for the small town of Richloam. In 1921, the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) decided to relocate its depot in Riverland to Richloam. Soon after, in 1922, Postmaster Lucius Sidney “Sid” Brinson

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